ISAAC uses a three phase approach to support your Startup's successful entry in the U.S. market.  Designed specifically for mid- and later-stage Startups, our programs will give you a solid foundation for growth in the world's largest economy.

ISAAC will provide you with office space, expert mentoring, connection to an extensive network, and a tailored curriculum customized to your company's requirements and objectives.   

ISAAC's services are free of charge to participating companies.   We will not take any equity in your company. Participants, however, are responsible for associated costs, such as travel and accommodations.   

To learn more about our programs, find out about our next events or to apply to participate, please send us a message.  


Boot Camp

Boot Camps are day-long workshops, held in various non-U.S. locations, introducing you to the U.S. market. 


The Academy is a two week program, designed to immerse you in Atlanta's Startup Ecosystem.


High-potential Startups are invited to stay and take advantage of ISAAC's full resources while growing their business.

Boot Camp


Boot Camps are day-long seminars held at locations with high startup concentration designed to give Startups a solid overview on how to succeed in the U.S. market.  Participating companies will receive valuable input on relevant topics such as the U.S. market in general, business development & marketing, fundraising, the legal environment, immigration, tax & accounting, HR, and much more. 


Participants are also provided with detailed information about the ISAAC Academy and ISAAC Residency programs, including how to apply for them. Participation in the ISAAC Boot Camp is a prerequisite for application to the ISAAC Academy.

Pre-registration is required to attend a Boot Camp. 



Boot Camp graduates may apply to participate in the ISAAC Academy, a two week, Atlanta-based program that will immerse them into one of the U.S.’ leading startup ecosystems. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in customized mentoring sessions and receive hands-on advice and counseling from leading experts.  Start-ups will also meet, network and pitch to potential investors and funding sources. 


The Academy is an intensive introduction to the U.S. business environment. Based on the development during the Academy and potential to succeed, as judged by ISAAC, participants may be invited to apply for to become ISAAC Residents.



The Residency is ISAAC's core program.  It empowers high-potential international startups to enter the U.S. market in a structured 3- to 9-month accelerator program. In the initial 3-month phase, Residents will participate in a tailored curriculum to prepare the Resident Startup for growth in the US.


After the initial phase, participants can apply for a 6-month extension phase, which allows for additional mentoring and coaching.  The ISAAC Residency provides a rich environment of networking events as well as valuable in-market time to realize the company’s business plans.

Companies graduate from the ISAAC Residency ready to succeed in the USA.